This Local Brand Will Inspire You To Start Investing in Your Own Jewelry Collection


This Local Brand Will Inspire You To Start Investing in Your Own Jewelry Collection

Starting your own jewelry collection can be a daunting task, especially in your twenties. After all, it’s your own hard-earned money that’s on the line. You’ll want to invest in pieces that you will wear and keep forever, or until you decide to pass them on to loved ones who can inherit them.

If you’re ready to stop spending cash on costume (read: cheap, tarnishes easily, makes your skin green after a night of dancing!) accessories from fast-fashion brands, then it’s time you turn to something that offers incredibly stylish, classic, and high-quality items.

We found Pranca, a local jewelry brand that produces “Bold pieces made to be intriguingly different.” The beautiful, stand-out accessories start as low as P1,800—perfect #treatyoself presents!

We talked to Pranca’s owner Steph Ayson about the brand that we think will finally inspire you to start investing in your own jewelry collection:

Pranca? Why did you choose that brand name?

“It’s difficult, almost impossible, to talk about Pranca without a mention of our family business, JMA Jewelry. JMA Jewelry is a 23-year-old manufacturing and retail business specializing in fine jewelry started out by my mom, an amazing jewelry designer. Our services are as wide as our range of products. Having worked for JMA since 2015, we realized that the company is doing so many things at once and that perhaps it’s time to have other lines or brands under JMA that can speak more to a direct market. At the same time, my cousin, Carla Sison, the founder of Araw The Line and Tropa Store approached me about having a jewelry line at Tropa. It was the perfect time and the perfect opportunity, and though the brand was still a bit raw, we took it!

The name Pranca came to mind after more than a month of brainstorming. From asking the usual questions about what kind of product we want to come up with, we eventually got to the question, who are we trying to talk to with this brand? Out came the idea of a person who is genuine, has a charm about her, is ahead of her time, and the type of person we all need in our lives, someone prangka.”


You have the most beautiful minimalist pieces. Why did you choose to go this direction?

“In terms of look, I can’t completely say they’re minimalist, as there are other brands that really champion this style. Instead, I would say the pieces are minimalist in terms of effort. The pieces are less calculated, not perpetually clean, and always with a bit of surprise. It just feels like a good time to play when it comes to jewelry.”

What’s your personal favorite out of your current collection? How would you recommend to wear the pieces?

“I love anything baroque! Growing up and being surrounded by the business, I would see our clients buy the classic round pearl stud earring, but I barely felt like they spoke much to me. I wasn’t much of a pearl girl until I saw and put on a pair of baroques. It’s so interesting for something that’s usually seen as a “defective” product to be appreciated for its character. Baroque pearls are surprisingly easy to wear and they transition well from casual days to more dressed up ones.”

“For a girl that’s just starting out her jewelry collection, what piece/s would you recommend?”

The Pearl Concha is a must-have! It’s priced reasonably (starting at P1,800), it’s a conversation-starter, plus it’s easy to put on. And for sure all of us want that look of another piercing without the full commitment!

What else can we look forward to from Pranca?

Definitely more designs that we’ll be releasing bit-by-bit, depending on what people are currently into! We’re also hoping for some collaborations as the Philippine fashion industry has such good energy now.

For more information on Pranca, visit their website and Instagram page.

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