These Wearable 2018 Fashion Trends Will Still Be Huge In 2019


These Wearable 2018 Fashion Trends Will Still Be Huge In 2019

The new year’s ringin’ in, but there’s no need to overhaul your entire closet just yet! Our sartorial crystal balls are predicting that these beloved 2018 fashion trends will transition reeeal smoothly into 2019. Read on!

Clear details

The style scene went positively nuts for all things plastic and fantastic, as evidenced by the barrage of clear shopping totes and see-through, PVC-strapped heels on our Instagram feeds.

Woven bags

Good news for you summer gals! Though woven bags are an undying beachside staple, they took over the city too, spotted on the arms of many a girl (tropical dweller or not). 

Chunky sneakers

Kickin’ it is the thing, and the jury of cool kids like ’em big. Think those resurrecting dad sneaks are ugly? Good, that’s the whole point! They’re stomping right into the new year.

Animal print

Leopard, zebra, python, tiger…2019’s set to be a veritable zoo. Slithery snakeskin is looking like the print du jour, but there’s no telling which wild one will take over next!

Safari fabrics

Lightweight linens and khakis in muted olives and browns reigned supreme, coming in every silhouette from parkas to slip dresses. We’re liking ours with big buttons and puffed sleeves!

Bike shorts

Bike shorts are so much more than shapewear now—they’ve surpassed simply being active at the gym and are now strutting the streets, too! Expect bermudas (their looser, more tailored cousins) to rise in popularity as well.

Acetate earrings

2018’s ear candy of choice was undeniably anything acrylic, acetate, or resin, available in an array of colors and finishes. We’re particularly partial to tortoiseshell, but then again, there’s won’t be a shortage of options anytime soon.

Wrap dresses

Yes, you are the gift, so wrap yourself up in one of these ultra-flattering frocks. Tied at the waist and just below the bosom, its filmy, floral variation is a sun-frolicker’s fave, especially when paired with the aforementioned straw purse and resin danglers.



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