Police Drivers Use ‘Tactical Contact’ To Floor Motorbike Crime Suspects


Police Drivers Use ‘Tactical Contact’ To Floor Motorbike Crime Suspects

‘Tactical contact’ is used by a police driver to down a suspected criminal on a motorbike.Metropolitan Police

London’s Metropolitan Police have today released dramatic footage showing officers using their patrol cars as weapons, knocking to the ground suspected criminals riding mopeds and motorbikes.

Scotland Yard says its new “tactical contact” strategy has reduced robberies, phone snatches and other violent crime. On Twitter, the tactics have been warmly welcomed by some but slammed by others.

Moped-enabled crime has fallen by 44% in the UK capital year-on-year since the controversial methods were introduced.

A statement from the Met said it was using specially trained drivers for the new tactic in order to reduce the need for pursuits and prevent injury occurring to offenders and members of the public.

Describing the tactic, police driver Sgt Tony McGovern told The Guardian: “It’s just a slight nudge. It’s controlled.”

In a statement, Commander Amanda Pearson said: The Met is at the forefront of tackling moped and motorcycle crime and I am pleased to see that we have seen a reduction in offences.

The public quite rightly expects us to intervene to keep London safe. Our highly trained police drivers weigh up the risks and decide upon the most appropriate tactics in those circumstances.

The reaction on Twitter has been largely supportive of the new tactic. Typical comments include:

That’s one of the most satisfying videos I’ve watched lately.

If they commit crime and end up getting hurt for it, so be it. Matter of consequence.

There’s only one thing that crims fear and that is pain.

However, others are being more cautious.

Using a car as a weapon? I think this is a really dangerous tactic and a disproportionate approach, too risky for all involved,” wrote one respondent.

Others used sarcasm: How’s about we launch offenders at Venus, where clouds of choking gas will choke them to death and make sure their final moments are lived in panic and terror?


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