Here’s the K-Beauty Way to Wear Living Coral Makeup


Here’s the K-Beauty Way to Wear Living Coral Makeup

Coral hues are going to be big in 2019 (Pantone has already called it) and from the looks of it, the trend will be spreading all over—Seoul, included. In fact, Korean actress Suzy Bae has already started sporting the hue on Instagram, posting this selfie of her in a full face of coral:

Taking cues from Suzy, don’t be afraid to wear the shade all over! However, K-beauty sensibilities do call for applying it in a way that the vibrance of the color doesn’t distract from your features. In Suzy’s case, she made sure to only apply the shade as a light wash of color on the eyes and cheeks, blending the edges seamlessly so there aren’t any distracting lines of demarkation.

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To give your makeup some depth, opt for a brighter coral for your lipstick instead of matching it exactly with your eyes and cheeks. Still, keep it soft by going for that gradient effect—focus most of the pigment on the center and blur the edges of your lip line.



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