Here’s a Simple Routine for Achieving Straight and Shiny Hair


Here’s a Simple Routine for Achieving Straight and Shiny Hair

So this interesting “trend” coined as “glass hair” has emerged, and guess what? I absolutely think Filipinas are here for it…if we aren’t already. Thing is, we’ve been obsessed with ultra-straight, ultra-glossy locks since even before Maria Clara’s era, so girls, it’s high time Pinays dive headfirst (literally) into a look and own it.

Like any trend that resurfaces, though, there’s something about it that’s inherently made for its time (say, the many different iterations of a beach babe wave: frizzy in the ’80s, flowing in the ’90s, textured in the 2000s). Now this trend is indeed all about glossy, shiny, frizz-free—but it’s also about your haircut. Usually a blunt bob, the style requires your tresses to be shaped so sharp, they could cut glass. So before we begin with the styling tips, your hairstylist’s chair is where you really begin. Whip out some pegs, like Kiko Mizuhara or Lily-Rose Depp. (I would say Kylie Jenner, but she usually uses a wig, and that’s not the look we’re going for.) Got that down pat? Read on for the next steps to your dream mane of glossy locks, through good ol’ DIY. 

1. Wash and dry.

It’s best to start fresh, clean, shampooed, and conditioned. Unless you’re curling your hair, conditioner is key as you’ll need that extra weight in your hair. Now towel it off, and add a blow dry booster like this Eva NYC Speed It Up Blow Dry Spray (P799, SM Beauty) and spritz on everywhere, especially in the back of your head and the areas that dry the last. This makes sure you don’t spend all day trying to dry your hair.  While that soaks in, go do your makeup, get dressed, etc. and let it air dry a bit. 




EVA NYC Speed It Up Blow Dry Spray, P799, SM Beauty

2. Butter it up.

Now that your tresses are no longer sopping, it’s time to prep your mane with product. If you desire an extra-sleek ‘do and your hair isn’t naturally made that way, don’t skip this step. (I mean, don’t skip any of the steps, but this is crucial.) Take this L’Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil (P1055, Hairmnl), dispense two pumps onto palms, rub together, and run through the ends and middle of your strands. Avoid the roots, but work well into the ends. Make sure you do this before drying it. 



L’ORÉAL Huile Original Mythic Oil, P1055, Hairmnl

3. Actually dry it.

You could choose two options here, depending if you have the time. First, if time permits and especially if you have color-treated hair that would appreciate less heat styling (ironing, later on, is a non-negotiable for this look), let it air-dry in a room where the air conditioning is really cold. This could be somewhere like, your room while you’re putting makeup on. But, if you don’t have the time and your hair frizzes up fast, a magical dryer like the Dyson will solve all your frizz and volume issues).




DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer, P21,500, Greenbelt 5 

4. Iron.

Ah, now the fun part! We’re pretty sure 80% of beauty-loving filipinas know how to handle a hair straightener, but if not, here’s a 101 for you:

With a thin comb, section the lower part of your hair off. Start at the bottom layer because this will affect hair shape the most. Then, tie up your hair or clip it up so the lowest layer of hair (the one nearest the neck) is revealed. Make sure it’s all even! Then, start ironing in sections, starting by clamping the iron an inch away from the scalp, for one to three seconds, then in smooth, firm motion, pull the iron up, out, and down through the hair. Repeat all over the head.




EVA NYC Healthy Heat Ceramic Styling Iron, P3599, SM Beauty

5. Finish up.

We know that was a lot of information to take, but if you already know how to iron, it’s easy peasy. Now don’t let your styling masterpiece go to waste—finish it off with the right product. A spray-on shine really is the star of the show here and will give that extra luster in your strands. Holding the bottle six to eight inches from your head, spray Aveda‘s Brilliant Spray-On Shine (P1838, onto the part of your head that’s three inches below the crown, because that’s where the light hits. If you need a bit of hold along with your shine, choose the Emollient Finishing Gloss from the same line (P1838, Dispense one or two pumps onto your fingertips, rub together to emulsify, and apply onto the surface of the hair. Et voila! Ultra-glassy hair.



AVEDA Brilliant Spray-On Shine & Emollient Finishing Gloss, P1838 each, Freyja


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