All the ’90s Trends That Made a Comeback in 2018


All the ’90s Trends That Made a Comeback in 2018

Ahhh the ‘90s—probably the most referenced decade this year what with the number of trends that consistently made its way into our wardrobes. As fashion lovers, let’s not blame ourselves! There’s so much to like about ‘90s fashion that makes designers and followers like us crave for more. From grunge, hiphop, minimalist, to schoolgirl chic, a lot of trends made rotations among the fashion set’s OOTD’s but were given modern updates. We bring you the ‘90s fashion trends that ruled the runway to the streets this 2018:

 1. Tracksuits

This look has its roots in ‘90s hip-hop fashion. Fashionistas donned the trend either in a full tracksuit or by matching the pants with other pieces. 


2. A whole lot of denim

Such an easy-to-wear trend! This year, mom jeans abound along with flared pairs and even occasional Canadian tux as seen on Kylie Jenner below. 

3. Oversized blazers

Almost every street style star copped this look at one point! The huge size and boxy shape just adds a lot of drama and instantly upgrades any casual outfit. We love how Kim Jones matched her blazer with an equally large Chanel clutch!


4. Tartan, Checkered, Plaid prints

These prints were popular for preppy schoolgirl styles à la Cher Horowitz or as extreme grunge get-ups à la Alexander McQueen. This year, these playful prints were just as popular and proved to be a favorite for stylephiles everywhere.

5. Fluffy, feathery details

A rather underrated but highly impactful trend, colorful fuzzy details were a hit among the fashion set and was typically worn in pastel or bright colors. 


6. Micro, tinted, or rectangular sunglasses

We’re sure you’ve seen this on your IG feeds as everyone’s go-to accessory. The simple piece makes a bold statement IRL, either in acid hues or jet black.




7. Tube tops and crop tops

Midriff-baring happened all year-round—and it’s still on-going. Models, bloggers, and everyday fashion folk can’t seem to get tired of the ‘90s trend Rachel Green would approve of.  

8. Fanny packs

Who knew a tiny little thing could make a big impact? It proved to be quite the versatile accessory, as seen on fashionistas who wore it the athleisure way or in a maximalist way.  

9. Dad sneakers

Heels? As, if! These chunky babies gave an effortlessly cool vibe to any outfit for ultimate style cred.

10. Hoop earrings

Don’t you just love the feeling of putting on diva-style hoop earrings? We’re sure that’s how street style stars felt as they pioneered the trend and won our hoop-obsessed hearts.

11. Windbreakers

Another hip-hop influence, colorful windbreakers gave us major nostalgic vibes while combatting the (rare) cold weather.

12. Cycling shorts

This trend’s not for the faint of heart. The ones who were brave enough to cop the look showed us that keeping it simple is key. Check out Kaia Gerber and Martine Cajucom below:

13. Spaghetti straps: silk camisoles and slip dresses

Whether you were heading out for brunch or having a girls’ night out, you must have reached for a spaghetti-strapped piece at one point. This slinky item is sophisticated and fiercely feminine! 

14. Denim overalls

Mary-Kate and Ashley weren’t the only ones who loved this look back in the day. Let’s not forget the iconic Tommy Hilfiger overalls that celebrities loved! This year, fashionistas embraced the style by incorporating modern details.



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